The Snowflakes (formerly the Jive Butt Turkeys and the Spooky Crisps) finally get dethroned in this series of trivia. Christmas Trivia had such a huge turnout, we had to make a whole post about it. See how it all went down.


With over 40 competitors, every second counted in this competition. Some were unable to keep it under the five-minute limit, but others managed to make it in under a minute! 

Nancy Thomas (pictured right) came out on top with a time of 1 minute and 29 seconds. Way to show ’em how it’s done, Nancy!


The NSR Culture Committee hosts their final potluck of 2019 with a Mexican theme, bringing in dozens of tamales from our local vendor and competitions for the best salsa, best side, and best dessert.

Mike Edwards (far right) took home the trophy for his Jalapeno Salsa, Rhi Ghilardi (middle) took one home for her delicious Green Chile Mac & Cheese, and Jeff Frazier (left) paraded around with a trophy for his famous Smoked Campfire Cobbler. 

Thanks, everyone, for your contributions!


Some of us have a lot of skill when it comes to throwing sharp objects. Others might want to consider never throwing a sharp object at all! In this competition, the highest scorer was Veronica Gentile (not pictured). 

Great job, Veronica!


We had a great turnout at our first ornament decorating contest– and a lot of great artists showed up to give it all they had with what was provided to them! We were thoroughly impressed with everyone’s entries. 

To judge, we brought in someone outside of the Culture Committee who didn’t enter in the competition. Ben Darling decided that Liza Barbosa (right) should win it all! 


Like always, it gets super competitive when it comes to ugly sweaters. But it’s truly hard to beat Symone Adeyemo (right) when it comes to crafting with fabric. Symone has not only dominated almost every costume contest, she also serenaded us with a song at karaoke! 

We get it Symone, you’re multitalented!


The Culture Committee ran their first Candy Cane Relay this year, which turned out to be a huge hit. You really got to see people’s savagery come out at this event, but in the end it only mattered who had the most candy canes in the bowl! The winner? Natalie Roberts, with 15 candy canes!


If you have a large family, your love language is gift-giving, or your mom used to force you to do last-minute wrapping for your family, then you might have been quite passionate about this event. 

Paper cuts and all, contestants had to wrap a present as fast as they could– including finishing it off with a bow, to be the fastest present wrapper that they could be. In the end, Shawnna Dwyer (not pictured) ended up defeating the competition with an unbelievable time of 26 seconds!


In this year’s desk decorating competition, we rewarded the most creative theme of the office. In Chris Keeler’s winning rendition, he went with a “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” theme, making his desk look like– well, like the Grinch stole Christmas! 


In another huge event, people stepped up to make their skills known to the company. That’s right– at NSR we aren’t just salesmen, lead generators, or marketers. We’re PERFORMERS. See who was brave enough to show us what they got!