Welcome Back to Trivia!

With our host, Josh Hawkins

At this edition of Trivia, Josh covered topics that included Food Safety, The History of Thanksgiving, and miscellaneous random Thanksgiving facts.

As seen at our last trivia event, Spooky Trivia, the Cookie Crisps took home the trophy for having the most Halloween knowledge. And of course, they showed up to Thanksgiving trivia ready to defend their title.

Since the topics were just slightly tougher this time around, Josh allowed this trivia to be multiple choice. Josh did a great job of keeping the questions well-distributed between topics, not allowing any team to have the advantage on either! See how it turned out.


After taking home one of the lowest scores at Spooky Trivia, Team “Gravy Train Sweet Potatoes” was determined to redeem themselves at this one. Did you know that they “studied” (we use that term loosely) over 10 pages of documentation to prepare? That’s quite a bit of Thanksgiving knowledge…


The Jive Turkeys– Mike Edwards, Ashley McCann, and Jayden Levine, always go into trivia with the brightest and most confident attitudes, but that just wasn’t enough this time. They’ll return to the next trivia in hopes of claiming that trophy!


The Brown Gravies– Jamie Barbosa, Bianca Yanez, and Dalia Arroyo lit up the room with their smiles and looked like they were having a lot of fun taking guesses at the questions Josh asked. But let’s be honest– does anyone really know how to cook a turkey?


Mattie Mills, Jacob Smith, and Phillip Smith beat the Sweet Potato Gravy Trains by ONE POINT and got to keep their beloved trophy… for now. Will they hold onto it until the end of time or will another team steal it from them at the next trivia? Sign up for the next one and find out!