Did you know that 16% of Americans still participate in caroling? (You would if you had attended Christmas Trivia!) Though that might be a small amount, we believe that these stars would’ve been right among those who loved caroling in generations before us. 

At our first holiday karaoke event, people gathered in the large training room to see their fellow team members get their 15 minutes– well, more like 3 to 5 minutes– of fame. 

Songs from Party in the USA (EBQ Edition) to My Heart Will Go On made a comeback and got the crowd excited and glad that they were able to make it to the event. It ended up turning out so well, people asked for it to be a more frequent occurrence! 


Some people were reallllyy feeling the vibes at this event. It was so great seeing those who came to support their NSR fam.


Pouring the same energy into karaoke as we do into our work. We love to see it.