Welcome Back to Trivia!

with our host, Kalie Souknary

At this holiday trivia, we covered classic Christmas topics from movies, random facts, and music. It was a much bigger turnout than we expected, which meant a LOT more fun.

The Jive Butt Turkeys came back as The Snowflakes to defend their title once again, but unfortunately fell short at the very last second (literally). How did it all happen? 

Well, there were about 22 questions. Three of them were worth two or three more points than the regular questions. Some were a little easy, some required a lot more thought.

In the end, The Parumpapumpums took home the trophy, dethroning the Snowflakes after they so gracefully defended their spot for two and a half months. 


Tasha and Chris sat this trivia out to keep score and make sure no one was using their phone to cheat (*COUGH COUGH* MIKE). Someone has to do it, right?


The Snowflakes did their best to keep their undefeated streak alive, and we’re sure they’ll return in 2020 to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. 

Or am I just stirring the pot? 😉


This team of marketers, the Noel-It-Alls might have the answers to your questions regarding web design, email marketing best practices, and social media strategy, but when it comes to trivia, they may fall a little short. One thing is for sure, though. They’ll show up and give it their best shot!


The Ghost Panther Warlocks always come to trivia with a lot of knowledge, ready to attack any question with technicality to get the points they deserve. If you think you can get anything past them, think again!


The leaders of EBQ, Santa’s Helpers, were able to make it to holiday trivia, and they did not come to play. Danielle and Rob Ploeger listened intently to every question while Adam, Jeff, and Stuart mostly snacked (and provided support for their long-time friends). Tim Edwards was among the most excited of this group, bringing lots of energy into the room.


With such a big turnout, the competitive sides of each team were raised, allowing for the energy to bounce around the room and raise people’s adrenaline. 

Rob Ploeger is seen here confidently raising his board to one of the questions. You can tell by the smirk on his face that he was determined to win.


The Parumpapumpums managed to pull through in the tie breaker to take it all home for the win! 

We’ll see you all in 2020 to see if they can defend their title.